LoBeams Rechargeable Headlamp

In social mode, LoBeams auto-magically dims at others’ eye level so you don’t blind your family and friends 😊  

Add spice by setting your own custom color: from green to blue to purple, the choice is yours 🌈

Rechargeable, durable, and eco-friendly: we offset 10x the carbon cost for every LoBeams made 🌎

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Product Info

  • Eco-positive 10x carbon offset
  • 100% recyclable, ocean-safe packaging
  • Easily switch from "normal headlamp" mode to "social mode"
  • Choose any color (infinite 🌈 color selection)
  • Special reflective band lets you find your friends

Tech Specs

  • Bright, 300 lumens
  • Rechargeable with included USB
  • Class-leading battery life
  • Lightweight, 2 ounces
  • Reflective, adjustable, breathable headband
  • Weatherproof

Shipping & Returns

Try risk-free, 100% happiness guaranteed. Free shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states.

The Pair

Save $10 when you also buy LoBeams for friend.

The Four

Save $25 when you bring the family together

The Ten

Save $80 when you outfit the whole squad

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"LoBeams "breaks" other headlamps. Everything else seems impossibly crude. There's no longer an excuse for blinding your friends in the dark."

-Ronen V

The best all-around headlamp you can buy:


Eco-friendly ocean-safe packaging

Beyond carbon neutral with C10X

Adjustable, ultra-comfortable band

Thoughtfully designed in Brooklyn

Built for years of adventures

Beyond carbon neutral with C10X

Regular firmware updates

Rechargeable with supplied USB chord


Eco-friendly, ocean-safe packaging

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use LoBeams as a normal headlamp?

LoBeams works well as a normal headlamp, too! When you want it to auto-dim, just click it all the way down. We call this setting “social mode” because it lets you can be around people without accidentally shining a light in their eyes. If you'd like to use it without social mode, just your LoBeams to one of the other settings.

How does the auto-dimming feature work?

When you’ve clicked LoBeams all the way down, it will automatically dim instead of shining in someone else's eyes. If you want to use LoBeams as a normal headlamp, just click it back up to one of the other angles.

How do I change my custom color?

To change your custom color, watch this two-minute video. You can set any color you like: teal... purple... the choice is yours!

Is LoBeams rechargeable?

Absolutely: you'll never have to buy batteries for your headlamp again! (Also, all those batteries can't be good for the environment :(. When you need to recharge, just use the Micro-USB cord in the box (or any other Micro-USB you have lying around.

Plus, because LoBeams dims automatically, it can last much longer than other rechargeable headlamps. Most people get about 20 hours of use before they have to recharge.

How does LoBeams fit?

LoBeams has a comfortable, adjustable, breathable band that fits heads of all shapes and sizes. To loosen your band, pull the clips closer together; to tighten, pull the clips farther apart. Be sure to wear LoBeams low on your forehead, with the buttons pointing up to the sky.

Is LoBeams waterproof?

LoBeams is weatherproof so it’s fine in a storm, but please try your best not to give it a dunk! You can kayak in LoBeams or wear it on a boat, but it’s not designed to go swimming :)

How is LoBeams helping the planet?

We love the Earth and we want to preserve it. That’s why LoBeams is committed to removing 10x as much carbon as each LoBeams costs to make and we only use plastic-free packaging that will 100% biodegrade. We’re always looking to do more for the planet, so if you have advice for us, tell us! 

How is LoBeams packaging eco-friendly?

Plastics are a fine material for durable goods: after all, you don't want your hiking gear to dissolve in the rain! We also think plastic is an unacceptable choice for packaging, because packaging should biodegrade ASAP! We are delighted to ship LoBeams in a box that is easily recyclable and will 100% biodegrade.

What is your return policy?

Take a month to try it out! If you would like a refund, we'd especially like to know what didn't work for you. We're constantly updating the LoBeams firmware: perhaps we can make the feature you need!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is LoBeams rechargeable?

Yes! Never buy batteries (for your headlamp) again. Plus, because LoBeams dims automatically, it can last much longer than other rechargeable headlamps on a single charge.

How long should a charge last?

It depends on how you use it, but most people get about 20 hours of use before they have to recharge. With LoBeams social mode turned off (that is, with no fancy power-saving or be-kind-to-your-friends features) the very brightest, energy hogging mode will last about 3.5 hours. It is stupidly bright, and you probably will use it sparingly.

What is your return policy?

Take a month to try it out! We'll happily refund your money, but we'd be especially interested to know what didn't work for you. Because LoBeams let s you update the firmware, we might be able to customize the features to meet your needs.

Wait, a headlamp that gets firmware updates?

Only if you want them! LoBeams works great out of the box. There's no radio, so you have to plug it into a computer. It mounts as a USB thumb drive, and you drag and drop a file from our website. Takes about 20 seconds.

Why would I want to update my firmware?

We'll be constantly rolling out new features, as well as improving the features you know and love. This means better battery life, faster gesture recognition, and new fun surprises.

Firmware updates lets us learn from you and then actually do something about it, so we can keep improving the headlamp you already own without having to make you buy a new one.

What's up with your packaging?

We think that plastics are fine material choices for durable goods. After all, you don't want your hiking gear to start biodegrading in a rainstorm. But we think that plastic isn unacceptable choice for packaging, because the very first thing you want it to do after you open the box is biodegrade, right?

We are delighted to ship LoBeams in a box that is easily recyclable in most local communities.