LoveBeams, the magic headlamp

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👌 Magically dims at eye level
😆 Ultra reflective band
🌈 Easily set infinite custom colors
🔋 Rechargeable
♻️ Eco-friendly packaging
🌎 10x the carbon offset

LoveBeams is a magical headlamp that automatically dims, so you don't blind your friends. Uses patented accelerometer technology to determine the wearer’s head position and adjust the headlamp’s beam accordingly. The light automatically shuts off at eye level, ensuring that you can't blind your friends and accidentally kill the magic of the dark. LoveBeams reacts instantly to your head movement, making it a truly hands-free headlamp that is considerate of others. 

Customer Reviews

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Marilyn Leos
Love, love these headlamps!!

I sincerely am thankful for these headlamps! They are perfect for my paperwork that I work on at night while not wanting to wake up my husband with a bright light. See he goes to bed early and I enjoy doing my paperwork late at night in my comfy bedroom that we share. So if he happens to wake up I love it that don't blind him when I look up with my headlamp. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

diane salvadori
Great headlamp

LoveBeams is a great quality headlamp. I bought it for my brother who recently purchased land in the woods. I think he will get much use out of it. And the concept is unique where you can adjust so it does not shine in others eyes when looking at them.

Julse bautista
Stellar gift!

My partner saw an ad for LoveBeams and couldn't stop telling people about the social mode. I decided to get it for them as a birthday gift and they absolutely love it! It's easy to use and actually does what it claims to do. They use it frequently, even around the house. My reputation as an excellent gift giver continues. Thanks, LoveBeams!

I love it ! Awesome alien-tech for humans respecting the magic of the night !

I love it ! Awesome alien-tech for humans respecting the magic of the night !

Justïn Lange
I'm biased, but it's still amazing

I spent two years creating this and testing it with 200+ people. I wouldn't be releasing it unless I thought it was really special, and it is. This is the kind of headlamp that you just want to have around, always. You can use it as a regular headlamp if you want to, no problem, but if you're around other people 'social mode' is where it's at. Basically, it turns on when you look down at what you're doing and dims when you look up at your friends or colleagues. Can't beat it for doing stuff together at night.